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Jobs have been created and training provided through our commitment to recycling

Wood recycled on our construction sites is creating opportunites for disadvantaged people.

Our commitment to recycling waste on our construction sites has led to a partnership with the Community Wood Recycling Scheme.This is a network of social enterprises which collect and reuse waste wood in the most environmentally beneficial way and creates jobs and training opportunities for disadvantaged people.

Every single piece of wood we collect is reused or recycled, nothing is dumped as waste. So far our commitment has rescued 863 tonnes of wood from waste and this has created paid employement for eight people and trained 20 others.

  • 21% - 180 tonnes has been reused by communities for DIY/building projects¬†
  • 31% - 271 tonnes has been processed into firewood and kindling, helping to displace fossil fuels, reduce carbon emmissions and create paid work
  • 48% - was sent for recycling into woodchip used in the manufacture of partycileboard, animal bedding or as carbon-neutral fuel in power stations

The recycling scheme gives opportunities to ex-offenders and people with learning difficulties or mental health issues, helping them to overcome barriers to finding employment by giving them skills and self-confidence.