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Building sustainably

Building sustainably

Building sustainably

Building sustainably

The UK was the first major economy to commit to net zero emissions by 2050. At Bowmer + Kirkland, we recognise that meeting the current needs of society should not have a harmful impact on future generations. We are, therefore, committed to reducing our carbon footprint, working with our supply chain to source more sustainable materials and using technological advances to ensure that our processes are more efficient.

We have committed to an ambitious target of Net Zero Carbon by 2040; not only that but we are also working towards 50% Net Zero Carbon by 2030. We will get there by looking at every aspect of our business, decarbonising our offices, reducing energy consumption and limiting and recycling waste.

We are investing in technology to help us achieve our targets and through our Planet Mark certification are measuring and reporting our carbon reductions.

To achieve our goal of

We are committed to:

The case studies below highlight some of the work we are doing on site right now including reducing our site carbon emmissions by getting rid of diesel-guzzling generators and embracing battery power, investing heavily in research and development to lead the way on the Department for Education’s MMC Framework and engaging local supply chain partners to have a positive impact on regional and local economies.


Delivering for the DfE’s Modern Methods of Construction Framework


Case Studies

B+K first construction company to power most of site with batteries

MMC sees school partially built in factory

Multi-award winning carbon reduction scheme on our sites

Europe's largest living wall and net zero carbon in operation for Eden

Sustainable construction at Dogger Bank Wind Farm O+M Building