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Supporting the end of modern slavery

Supporting the end of modern slavery

Chairman John Kirkland joined the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Derby at a conference on modern day slavery.

The Archbishop addressed business leaders on exploited workers and humanitarian responsibility and encouraged them to become ambassadors against slavery. He was supporting the work of the Bishop of Derby who has played a vital role in drafting the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

This is the first of its kind in Europe and will make prosecuting slave-drivers easier, ensure sentences for the organised criminal perpetrators are tougher and keep victims safer.

The Human Trafficking Foundation believes there are 20,000 slaves in the UK and they are in all walks of life. Modern-day slaves wear no labels, but the guise of sex workers, child pickpockets, construction workers, domestic helpers, caterers, masseurs , farm labourers, car washers and factory staff. They all carry a price tag and are bought and sold, used and abused.

John Kirkland said: “We must do everything we can to ensure the companies we employ have high standards of welfare for their staff and pay decent wages. Human trafficking is becoming increasingly prevalent. It ruins lives and ethical employers can play a huge role in helping in the fight against it.”

He is pictured signing an Ending Modern Slavery Together declaration watched by The Archbishop, The Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby (left) and The Bishop of Derby, the Rt Rev Dr Alastair Redfern.